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Transworld International extends a very high and fully professional level of moving services at competitive prices everywhere in the world.

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moving services

Packing & loading of household goods

The team of Transworld International is specially trained with the knowledge to disassemble, pack and load all your valuable household goods with the utmost care and attention  to detail whether delicate porcelain, treasured artwork or valued furniture. The most appropriate methods and the most suitable materials are used at your residence to ensure the safest possible journey for your belongings. Tailor made wooden crates are made in our fully equipped in-house carpentry shop for your fragile or antique household goods. Upon departure a packing inventory will be handed over to you. Containers are loaded and sealed at your residence and are not opened until delivery or till customs inspection orders to do so at destination.
In addition to the relocation of household goods, services covering the relocation of domestic pets and motor vehicles are available.