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Transworld International offers individuals, companies, associations and organizations a wide range of relocation services. Contact us and we’ll be happy to tailor you the kind of relocation service solution that best meets your needs.

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Lease cancellation

One of the most important and urgent issues to be taken care of when you are relocating, is the cancellation of your current lease.
Transworld International takes care of this in any part of the world.

In Belgium, the way this can be done is arranged by law. If the lease is not ended in due time or in a way that is not foreseen by law, this may cost the tenant a lot of money.

Our in-house legal advisers will assist you in the cancellation of your lease agreements and in the negotiations for the most favorable breach terms and conditions.

We can always arrange for a clean-up of your residence and, if necessary, arrange for repairs to be done to have your residence ready for the exit inspection.

Our relocation consultant will arrange, attend and follow-up the exit inspection and defend your interests.

After the exit inspection, we will assist with the release of the security deposit.

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