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Transworld International offers individuals, companies, associations and organizations a wide range of relocation services. Contact us and we’ll be happy to tailor you the kind of relocation service solution that best meets your needs.

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Cross cultural training

The objective of our Cross Cultural Training program is to strengthen the transferee’s individual competencies and the company's capacity to work effectively across cultural borders with intercultural seminars and country-specific training sessions.
These customized sessions provide insights and key information about the host country and its culture. Our experts cover local history, customs, etiquette and day-to-day living issues. Throughout the programs, the trainer appraises participant strengths, gives feedback, and advises on areas for development.
In addition, these training sessions offer perspectives on the business, political and economic trends of the relevant countries and discuss their potential implications to your international business.
Cross-cultural training may be delivered for adults and youth, pre-departure or post-arrival, in group or individual sessions. The duration of the training program is one day or one day and a half.

This includes the following services :

  • The Individual Approach

Supports the success of an international assignee and his or her family by facilitating the adjustment and learning processes to a foreign culture.

  • The Business Approach

Supports the development of skills and strategies to meet the demands of global business. We assist executives on recognizing culture’s impact on business activities and the demands of transcultural interactions.

 These services include lunch on the first day.