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Registration at townhall and exchange of driving license

Wherever you're moving to, Transworld International can assist you with registration.

Once you've found a place to live in Belgium, even if the address is only temporary, you have to register yourself at your local town hall (gemeentehuis/maison communale). Transworld International accompanies you and your family to the town hall until your proof of registration (Belgian id-card) is obtained.
Our in-house legal advisers assist you thoroughly and efficiently in obtaining this registration in due time. They inform you of the required documents, depending on your nationality (EU- or non-EU citizen) and the reason of your stay. They check these documents and confirm the appointment(s) at the local town hall.

If you intend to stay in Belgium for a period not exceeding three months, you must report to the municipal authorities of the place where you intend to reside within three days of your arrival (unless you intend to stay in a hotel).

If you wish to stay in Belgium for a period longer than three months, you must report to the municipal authorities of the place where you intend to reside within eight days of your arrival.

Once you are registered in the local town hall, we can assist you to arrange for the exchange of your driving license, if this is permitted by law.

Depending on the country where your original driving license is issued and on how long you live in Belgium, you may not have to exchange your foreign license.

Licenses issued in the European Economic Area (EU plus Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein) are not required to be exchanged. It is however recommended to have them registered in Belgium.

License agreements exist with certain non-EEA countries so that expats with driving license issued in these countries can exchange their driving license with a Belgian equivalent.

If you have a driving license issued by a country without such an agreement, you will have to pass a Belgian theory and driving test to obtain a Belgian driving license.