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Transworld International offers individuals, companies, associations and organizations a wide range of relocation services. Contact us and we’ll be happy to tailor you the kind of relocation service solution that best meets your needs.

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Temporary accommodation

Temporary accommodation is recommended if you are staying for a brief period of time or if you need accommodation while securing long-term housing. Housing selection depends on your interests, preferences and budget.
With our discerning selection of properties available through our extensive network of contacts in all parts of the world, you will find your ideal home, while ensuring optimum renting conditions using our professional expertise and negotiation skills.
You can choose from traditional hotels, extended stay hotels, serviced furnished apartments, furnished apartments/houses or unfurnished properties with rented furniture. Our housing coordinators can help you find housing that meets your individual needs.

Our temporary accommodation services include:

  • Hand-over of a Welcome Pack during the first meeting to facilitate the orientation and settling in process: maps, dictionary and very useful general information.
  • Conducting a thorough "needs and preferences analysis"with you and your family to make sure that only the most suitable properties are selected.
  • Conducting an exhaustive research taking into consideration your preferred area, school and work location(s), social interests, budget, etc… Because we are not real estate agents but work independently for you we have just one objective - to find the home that suits the whole family - even your pets!
  • Short listing suitable properties for your review.
  • Booking viewings for the properties you selected. We can accompany you during the visits. Focused advice is given on rental values, the area,… Second visits can be arranged.
  • Negotiating most favorable lease terms with thorough legal advice from our in-house legal advisers. We offer our full support with explanation and understanding of the terms of the lease agreement and assist you with finalizing the lease. The legal requirements are reviewed. We are present during the signing of the lease agreement with the hotel/owner/real estate agent and if you are not able to attend, a power of attorney will entitle us to sign it on your behalf.
  • Registration of the lease agreement if needed.
  • Payment of the security deposit and first month's rent upon signature of the lease agreement if applicable.
  • Arranging and attending the Entrance Inspection and follow-up. From this point on until you move in the accommodation, we continue to follow up with the hotel/owner/real estate agent to finalize all your requests.
  • Pick-up and delivery of keys.
  • Connection of utilities (gas, water, electricity, internet, telephone, TV cable, etc…).
  • Advising you on the necessary insurance policies.
  • Transworld International can assist you with furniture rental.
  • Our consultant remains your single point of contact during the rental period.
  • Follow-up on extension of the lease agreement or notice on due date.
  • Arranging and attending the Exit Inspection and follow-up.
  • Assisting with the release of the security deposit.
  • Pick-up and delivery of keys.