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One of your main worries when you are relocating abroad with your family is to secure that your children will receive an excellent level of education.

Transworld International's local and independent experts seamlessly coordinate the school search, in every corner of the world, for children in pre-school through university.

If you are relocating to Belgium you should know that this country is known throughout the world for its excellent public school system, which guarantees an excellent level at a low cost.

A school year in Belgium begins at the 1st of September and ends at the 30th of June. As some (and usually the best) schools are quickly fully booked, it is important to begin your school search as soon as possible.

Besides the public school system, there are several private schools, who focus on the expat community and its specific needs.

As Brussels is located in the heart of Europe, with many international institutions as NATO, the European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament, Brussels and its surroundings is a very unique environment for international schooling. Compared to all major global cities, Brussels offers a very high number of international schools, with all levels of schooling (kindergarten, primary school, high school, university) in a high number of different languages, and has an offer of very specialized education methods available in a number of schools.

You can find a list of the international schools in the Brussels area by clicking here.

The objective of our School Search program in Belgium is to offer an independent and professional advice on School Search and all aspects of Belgian education from pre-school to University and a first class School Search service that ensures a smooth transition into the Belgian system for children of all ages, nationalities and abilities.

We therefore get in touch with you and and ask you to complete a questionnaire detailing your child or children's schooling age, grade, requirements and any special needs. Upon receipt of this questionnaire, further details will be discussed, and a first advice will be given.

Once we have a detailed view on your and your children’s specific needs and requirements, an individualized school evaluation will be provided, with respect to location, language, fees, and facilities.

Once we have made a selection based upon your feedback, we arrange appointments with schools and accompany you with school visits when required.
When you have chosen a school, we advice you on the required forms and paperwork and assist you with the negotiations on admittance, if required.

In Belgium children can go to school as from 2,5 years and have to go to school as from the age of 6 years (or if they become 6 years old that year). If you have little children, younger than 2,5 years (or 6), we can assist you in finding kindergartens, childcare and daycare facilities.