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Work permit, visa and professional card

Before moving to another country, you have to make sure that all documents are in order to allow you to live and work in that country. We can assist you in obtaining these documents wherever you are moving to, through our worldwide network of professionals.

When moving to Belgium, our in-house legal advisers assist you thoroughly and efficiently in obtaining the required visas, work permits and professional cards in due time.

In general, the following has to be taken care of:

EU nationals and EEA (European Economic Area) nationals

In order to work in Belgium, EU nationals and EEA nationals do not need a work permit. Their identity card or passport is sufficient to allow them to enter, reside and work in Belgium.  People who are married to an EU or EEA national do not need a work permit either.


Non-EU nationals, except EEA nationals

  • Visa

Non-EU nationals, except EEA nationals, wishing to remain in Belgium for over three months are subject to a visa requirement. Prior to entering the country, they will have to obtain a temporary entry visa to the Belgian diplomatic or consular authorities in the country in which they reside.  Within eight days after arrival they must register at the local town hall.

  • Work Permit (employees)

A person engaged in wage-earning or salaried employment in Belgium, and who is not an EU national or an EEA national, must hold a work permit.  Application for a work permit must be filed by the (Belgian) employer with the local regional employment office where the employer is established.

  • Professional Card (self-employed individuals)

Self-employed individuals wishing to establish themselves in Belgium (i.e.: they desire to reside in Belgium to carry out a lucrative independent trade or profession; they are appointed managing director in a company incorporated in Belgium; they hold a power of attorney to operate a branch of a company incorporated in another country) must apply for a professional card at the Belgian embassy or consulate in their country of residence. If the person is already residing in Belgium, then this application can be made in Belgium.

Other scenarios are also possible (e.g. you want to establish a company in Belgium). Our advisers and reputable partners can provide you step by step guidance and assistance.